The Annual Social and Awards in 2014 for 2013

Bowling AlleyYesterday evening the club gathered at the Twyfjord Social Club for a skittles evening, curry and awards ceremony.

The skittles required participation from everyone regardless of ability, willingness, back pain and extras. It was fun especially when you win. Thanks to Matthew Bainbridge and Ian’s mate Jayson for setting the pins and avoiding injury.

The curry and puddings were very, very tasty. Thank you Sarah Bainbridge for cooking and arranging the evening with Ian Bainbridge.

Mike Cornter, the Club’s Joint President was able, walking and delighted to present the awards.   The President’s Cup was awarded to Tom Lofts for his services to the club particularly as the recent club captain and for being the purveyor of excellent ham, burgers and sausages at various events. The Howler Cup was awarded to Andrew Wilcox for his excellent performance at the end of the 2013 Sixes resulting from eating a small slice of sickening mushroom probably a Bitter Bolete. Andrew noted that at least it was not for an event on the field of play.

It was not possible to present the awards for best batsman, bowler etc. on the evening due to a mislaid scorebook. As is customary the person not there was blamed for the loss.

Finally there was another round of skittles in the Killer format.  Having missed on the first ball I retired to the snooker table with Paul Greenwood.  Who won the pot?

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